India Trip, Day 39: chai ka chaska

November 21 (Tue) - Day 39:  chai ka chaska

The "dophaari" (afternoon tea time) with tea and snacks around 3-4 PM with the family every day has got me drinking chai (Indian Tea) every day.  Despite drinking tea and coffee in the day time it affects my sleep very badly at night, but I am not able to avoid it.

"Chaska" as called in Hindi, if translated in English would mean a "liking" for something in a fond way.  You can use 'chaska' to express liking for a person or place...but it is mostly used for food.  And that is what I am developing: chai ka chaska - a fondness for tea.

The 'chocolate milk girl' in me since 27 years is transforming into a 'tea lady'.  But really, now I know why the whole of India drinks chai all the time.  It IS addictive.
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