India Trip, Day 41: house help

November 23 (Sat) - Day 41:  house help
That's me, doing the dishes.
This one's from Nanand's phone, again.

Not wanting to let saasuji wash the whole day's utensils, I have been doing the dishes every other day past three weeks, because our 'help' did not want to come...and gives a new excuse each time.  Nanand and I even went to the maid's house today to ask why she was not coming, when she will come again, and tell her how it gets difficult leaving the utensils all day only to realize she's not coming for the day.  At the end of the day - five people in the family, three meals per day, and two tea times do create a LOT of dishes piled up in the sink.

Until few years ago, I knew that if you made decent money in India, life was very luxurious.  You could hire part-time maid servants to come twice in the day to do the dishes, wipe and put them in place, wash and hang dry the clothes, as well as sweep and mop the house - all for under Rs. 2,000 ($37) a month.  Cheap labor, after all, that India is so popular for?

But these days, maid servants prefer looking for cleaning/helping jobs at beauty parlors, gift packing businesses to do the smaller cutting/cleaning kind of jobs, easier jobs at saree shops to fold sarees, clean, etc, or at least go beyond the "house cleaning lady" job - which is actually very exhausting.

It is becoming really difficult to find help for less amount of money because they are now in demand.  They know it, and now use it to their advantage.  They charge depending on the size of house, the amount of work, the number of people in house, and looking at overall living condition.

At this rate, looks like in few years even people in India will have to learn to do all their household chores on their own just like how people in America do.
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  1. If you live in the US, how in good conscience can you ever pay a human being under $37 PER MONTH to slave away for you? I was enjoying your blog until I read this post and was horrified.


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