India Trip, Day 50: wedding mehendi

December 2 (Sun) - Day 50:  wedding mehendi

Two professional mehendi artists were exclusively reserved for devar.  They are experts at 'wedding mehendi' - the kind of mehendi that is especially applied to bride and groom's hands.
professional mehendi artists applying henna on groom's hand and feet simultaneously

Because shaadi ki mehendi on hands has things like Ganeshji, shehnaai, tabla, kalash, varmaala, and dulha on ghodi, dulhan in doli, etc.  And mehendi on feet includes usual floral designs.
henna design on hand
shaadi ki mehendi on both hands
mehndi design on groom's feet

Tip: how to position legs to keep mehendi on feet safe and avoid ruining bedsheet

mehendi on groom's hands and feet

For the rest of us ... from 11 in the morning until 8 in the evening, three mehendiwaale (mehendi artists) applied henna on hands and feet of close family, friends, and relatives - NONSTOP.  My estimate, about 30-35 kids and adults altogether.
henna on nanand's and my hands
Palms start to hurt after holding the mehendi cone for long, so I can imagine how it must have been for the mehendiwaale.  Because even after making it very clear that mehendi will be applied to everyone else only to the hands until a certain length, some people stretched it further and even got their feet done.
someone applying mehendi on my hands
Last year in Texas at a mehendi event at someone's place, the mehendi lady applied very little, random and ugly mehendi on everyone's palms - ONLY palms.  When I asked her to apply a little more until my wrist, she immediately said she will charge $5 extra.  That's insane, especially compared to these mehendiwaale here who did not say a word.
It was a relaxed day today for me, since not much could have been done with the henna on my hands and feet.  And I kinda sorta would love a day like this ... every day.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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