India Trip, Day 38: brats

November 20 (Tue) - Day 38:  brats

Some boys in India are too pampered by their mother.  And boys that turn into men are still pampered, by their mother AND their wife.  In some homes, a mother will still stay up until 11 in the night until her son comes back home from work.  Will heat up food and heat each dish again on the gas stove instead of microwave, especially for him.  And will not sleep until he is finished eating.  In some houses, a husband will call out the wife (no matter what she may be busy in the kitchen with) to serve him a glass of water, instead of getting up and taking it himself.  He will finish eating his food and leave the utensils there on the table for his wife to pick up and put in sink.

I am sure there may be many homes that are not like this, but I think most boys in India should be sent to America to learn to do things on their own.  Thank goodness Alok does not have such habits.  The day he does....

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