Preparing for Dinner Parties at Home

Ever since the disorganized dinner I hosted two years back, I learned a few lessons on preparing for dinner parties at home.

I plan my menu as I used to do before, starting from appetizer to dessert, and try to add variety.  Grocery shopping list is prepared and shopped.  While I used to cook and prepare everything the very day of the invite, I have now started chopping and prepping a day ahead - only the things that take time and will not wilt, get soggy, or spoil by the next day.

If I'm planning to make Chhole, I will soak and pressure cook chickpeas a day ahead.  Dessert can easily be prepared ahead of time.  Potatoes can be parboiled and refrigerated.  If I'm planning to make raita, I'll make sure my curd is set a day ahead.  In case anything does not work out, it gives me a chance to change my plans and cook something else.  Rushing to the grocery store for little things is never in my books.

Vegetarian Breakfast or Meal Ideas for Busy People

A friend messaged me few days back: "I need some creative quick meal/lunch bowl recipes. Basically, what a student with lesser than 20 minutes to eat would cook?"

And when I was chatting with my cousin today, she asked me to suggest some "accha naashta fast and tasty".

"Naashta" in Hindi could mean breakfast, or a snack anytime throughout the day, or an appetizer.  The appetizer, in this case, could be quite light or pretty filling - almost like a meal.  My cousin has her hands full with two kids, goes to work, and has a tight schedule, and wanted quick and easy breakfast ideas.  My friend, busy studying for her MBA, has little time to cook.

How to earn money from blogging?

Many people start a blog in their free time.  Many start blogging because they want to share their knowledge.  Many people blog to showcase their talent.  And many people start a blog with the goal of making money.  I received a question from a reader few days back:
hey hi nisha,
i have heard that u earn while u does that go... i mean practically... please explain me how...
There are three ways to earn money from blogging -

1) Advertisements: The ads that you see on any website or blog, whether a still picture or an animated banner - they are either Google AdSense, or some other ad service providers, or some sponsored ones.

Agitated over being addressed as "Aunty"

Yesterday I was following a discussion among some Indian women, who mentioned how annoyed they became if someone addressed them as "aunty" or "didi" - despite being almost the same age or even older than them.  One of the women said, it's probably because of the way she dresses up and looks older than her age that someone addresses her that way.

One particular woman went on to say that just because someone is insecure, has self-doubt, wants to cover up their age, and wants to feel younger - they call the others as "uncle" or "aunty".  And that they are arrogant by calling others as aunty/didi/bhabhi, etc and forcing relationships instead of just calling by the first name.  And by those suffixes of aunty/didi/bhabhi to the first name, it's just "fakeness" and does not bring out the genuine respect.