Cupcake Flower Basket / Cupcake Bouquet

You know I like gifting baked goods when we're invited for lunches/dinners.  This time I made a cupcake flower basket with eggless vanilla cupcakes and vanilla buttercream frosting.

Spusht | Cupcake Flower Basket

Why is solar eclipse such a big deal?

There was a partial solar eclipse on 23rd October 2014, and since the date coincided with the festival of Diwali, thousands of people kept debating whether they should celebrate Diwali a day before or on the day of the eclipse.

I heard some people ask whether they should cook before the eclipse and leave a tulsi leaf (considered holy by Hindus) in the food to consume the food after the eclipse.  Or the food that will be cooked in the morning should be thrown away after the eclipse.

I heard some people say that pregnant women should not chop vegetables or cut anything during the eclipse, otherwise it affects the unborn babies.  Three people with different family members told me the story of how one pregnant woman cut something during eclipse and her baby was born with some problem.