India Trip, Day 40: my devar

November 22 (Thu) - Day 40:  my devar

Devar keeps planning and trying to scare me in different ways - whether it was two years ago after my marriage, or since the last month that I have been here.  Once he sat in my room covering himself with a white bed sheet acting like a ghost; when I entered the room instead of getting scared I went "WHAT are you doing?!".  One time, he knocked my door and hid, I went out to see who it was, saw no one, and shut the door.  He knocked again and hid, this time I did not open and said, "I know it is you!  Give up already!" ... he still would not give up.  Once he hid behind a stack of mattresses in the study room, and nanand came along with me to search something there (they both were partners in crime).  As soon as I was supposed to enter he was going to scream loud, but I switched on the lights before that.  One time, nanand knocked my door and hid; when I opened the door, I saw legs hanging from the top - devar sat on the little slab above my door and tried to scare me; attempt failed again.

But when he slowly put the wire of mobile charger behind my head, I freaked out.  When he suddenly burst a balloon near me, I jumped.  When he silently comes and goes "bhow!" I shake.  And some more small incidents.  He said he finally figured out - "instead of planning something big, I have to scare you gracefully with small things, only then you get scared!"

I had always wanted a mischievous devar, the way I used to see in Bollywood movies (Hum Aapke Hain Koun or Hum Saath Saath Hain, for example).  And my devar is just like that - a little mischievous, very caring, a little shy, very understanding, a little outgoing, very expressive, a little short-tempered, very friendly, a little poetic, very respectful, and super hilarious.

Especially the way devar speaks in Hyderabadi accent is too cute and too funny.  He's a natural.  My dad is popular among our social circles for sharing jokes in Hyderabadi accent, but my devar is even better!

I listen to him speak in that accent using Hyderabadi vocabulary with a very sober face, but in the back of my head I just cannot stop laughing.  I must secretly record his voice sometime and upload on net.

"Kaiku", "baigan mein mila diye", "nakko", "kiraaaaak" are just few of his usual words I have learned so far.  And if he says "English kaama karre", it means doing something out of the ordinary.

I can't stop laughing.
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  1. I just reading about this trip of yours every time. The more I read, the more I like it. All of a sudden, out of the blue, I don't know how, but I happen to reach this page. Having read it more than any of my favorite quote, I still read and reread at least twice each time. Of course, reading it leaves a very very big smile on my face that would last at least for a day. It makes me feel life is worth living for dear ones and one lifetime is not enough to be contented with. I wish, I could relive these moments and make it more larger than life. I wish, I could have been more lively to make them most immemorial. I wish, I could have captured this moments somewhere so that I could cherish them whenever I want to. I wish!!


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