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I was searching for baby shower party favor ideas and apart from stuff one could purchase, I came across many interesting things to make at home to give as return gifts to guests.  For example, filling a milk bottle or a mason jar with ingredients for cookie or cake neatly layered and using a ribbon to attach a label with instructions and a thank you note.  Homemade lip balm, homemade natural body scrub (with a cute note:  "From my shower to yours!), and personalized chocolate wrappers were some more ideas.  For baby shower on a budget, using pink or blue paper napkins and some folding techniques to form a diaper/pouch, keeping it together with a safety pin (to represent diaper pin), and filling it with candies was another simple idea.

Well, what I chose to make was these baby boy and baby girl paper shoes for my baby shower.

Making these shoes needed a little more time and effort than the other ideas, but I thought these looked really adorable and the guests might feel the same way.  Which, yes they did.  First they admired how cute the little booties looked, and then were amazed that these baby girl and baby boy paper shoes were made at home.

In this post you will see the three different paper baby shoe templates I used to make the shoes.  Basic materials used were: construction paper, a pair of scissors, paper cutter, glue, and ribbon.

For the first paper shoe, cutting according to the template and starting to glue the sides marked with an X and going the entire way resulted in a cute baby girl paper shoe.  Continuing to make pairs of shoes in various colored papers and then decorating each one differently was fun.

For example, from the remaining bits of red and green papers I cut out flowers and leaves and glued them to this cream-colored shoe.  Honestly, these shoes would be great to give out on your kid's birthday party too!

I painted on some shoes, glued ribbon bows, added some glitter, and tried a different look on each.

For the second shoe idea, following the template and gluing according to the marked edges resulted in a sports shoe.  Adding a ribbon in place of shoe laces completed the look.  Since this was a little more time-consuming I skipped on to the next baby paper shoe design.

For this third paper baby shoe idea, again following the markings and gluing along and adding a ribbon, these little baby boy shoes looked super cute.

With this I finished making an assortment of paper baby shoes, in various colors and some in printed paper, in different colored shoe laces, and I wished I had so many shoes in different colors in my real life!

Each shoe filled with few Hershey's Kisses milk chocolates were given to guests (along with another return gift).

Do you have any other interesting ideas for baby shower party favors that can be made at home?
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