India Trip, Day 51: sangeet function

December 3 (Mon) - Day 51:  sangeet function


The sangeet function that we had all been preparing for, the dances we all had been practicing, the steps we had been trying to remember - all of that finally ended today.  SO relaxed.  Feels like the wedding is half finished, half more to go.

I danced with the Bhabhis, one performance with Alok, one solo, and one with my soon-to-be-devrani.
(And you'd think this family of 100 members would have enough people to dance at the sangeet...?)

There was not a single time that I did not forget the dance step.  Blame it on all the nervousness I had on stage.

But one thing made me the happiest today: Alok danced.  For the first time.  I have persuaded, begged, forced him to dance with me since the last two years, but he would NOT budge.  NOT AT ALL.  He is born with two left feet, so he said he felt shy dancing in front of me.  But it was ME, hello!  Since when did husbands start becoming shy in front of their wife?!

But for his brother's wedding, Alok wholeheartedly practiced, danced, and did a good job on the stage as a first-timer.

But wait, does this mean my husband would do anything for his brother but not for his wife?!
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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