Bollywood (Hindi) Songs on Adornments / Jewelry / Ornaments

I searched far and wide on Google for a list of Bollywood songs related to jewelry.  There was a game I was planning for a kitty party for which I needed some examples of Hindi songs on women's ornaments.

There are SO many songs in Bollywood that have to do with earrings, necklace, anklet, henna, bangles, etc!  I was not looking for particularly the "solah shringar" (16 adornments of an Indian bride) or wedding-related songs; just the ones that mention any jewelry or ornament.  But I did not find a single post on the internet where the songs were listed.

So after much research, here's my compilation - remember, this list of songs and this post about Bollywood songs on adornments was first published on this blog SpushtChats!

Cupcake Bar | Creating a Tiered Cupcake Display

I showcased over 200 cupcakes at an event last weekend.  200 mini cupcakes plus two dozen standard size.  I'm not the kind of person who would have invested in cupcake towers or the tier stands for this number of cupcakes.  So, I made a 'cupcake bar' display for the event, that I can now use at any event, and can keep changing the designs as I wish.  Do you want to know how I made this, and how you can also easily make this cupcake display at home?