Baby Shower Game Ideas | Baby Shower Activity Ideas

I have been going to many friends’ baby showers lately.  When I saw people in forums ask suggestions for baby shower games, baby shower decoration ideas, baby shower return gifts, etc, I thought of compiling a post on the game ideas I came across in the baby showers I attended.

Game Idea to Play with Friends: Fun Reading Tasks

Few months back I hosted a get-together at my place for my girlfriends.  A week before the get-together when I watched one of episodes of the Ellen DeGeneres show with Meryl Streep and how Ellen asked Meryl to do a couple of tasks, I instantly knew I had to transform that idea into a game to play with my girlfriends.  And boy, we did have fun!

[Note: This game is for adults!]

Here's what I did.  I printed out the tasks on small sheets of paper, folded them, and each one picked one paper.  Then each person had to perform the task given to them.  There is no acting, no props required.  Just sit in circle and read as the task demands.

I adapted the original idea and Indianized it for my Indian friends.  I gave it a lot of thought to come up with various tasks and actually researched a great deal to get proper details for each task.  This game idea was first published on SpushtChats - so if you find any other blog/website copy my ideas you know where to come inform me!