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Here are some interesting links related to cake and baking that I have picked for the day.  Enjoy..

85. Three-Tier Oven Rack to bake or keep multiple things warm in the oven to use the oven space as well as save time and electricity.  I love using vertical spaces, but one thing to keep in mind for this would be the oven temperatures of the dishes baked and if the top and bottom dishes would cook evenly? And priced between $16-19, is it worth it?

three years

Earlier this month on 3rd June…

After searching for good toaster deals past few months when the toaster oven I ordered finally arrived, I suddenly remembered the date and instead of opening the box I thought of making this a gift.

Alok was going to be home in an hour, and with no gift wrapping paper with me I quickly wrapped the carton with the flyers of grocery stores we get in mail.  Scribbled on the white sheets of paper, tore them randomly around the edges, and glued them on top of the carton.  It says:
     For your bagels, breads, and pizzas..
     For my cookies, toasts, and snacks..
     For our 3 years of engagement...

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The month is almost coming to an end, the year 2013 is half over, and time is flying too fast!
Here are today's links for you to check out when you take a break from your routine:

78. Bookmarks on a new level - now you can continue reading right where you left off.

frugal DIY wall decorating idea for apartment

In the last 2.5 years in the US we have lived in three different apartments and Alok did not let me drill holes in the walls or allow me to hang things on the wall to decorate our small apartment.  The plain, lifeless walls did not matter to him since he was worried he may have to pay for damages to the walls when we'd move out.  Because of that, I could not make my house a home.

Then one day an idea struck me and it looked good so I thought of sharing this easy and inexpensive DIY wall decor idea with those who have a small apartment, or those who move out often, or those looking for frugal ideas to decorate their apartment.

Links for today

Hi there!
Feel the midweek blues yet?  Here's something to take a break.

71. $850 for a built-in microwave oven drawer.  I feel this is absolutely ridiculous - but would you spend this amount of money to get a built-in oven drawer in your kitchen?

package from mom

Just received this package my mom sent from Thailand!

She lovingly packed so many things so carefully, not leaving an inch of space for air.  All this despite me getting angry at her, because...

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Heylo, what's up this weekend?

Here are some weekend pastime links for you.

64. Ladder storage basket for $59.00 - although perfect for potatoes, onions, and garlic it is too expensive I think.  A three-tier rack with high edges, probably for $20 from Ross or Marshalls, etc would do the job.  But looks fancy - so would you buy something like this?

links today, monday

Heylo!  What's up?

Here are some links for you today.  Enjoy!

57.  Use inexpensive wrapping paper as table runner (bought from a dollar store?) - I love frugal ideas that are simple, pretty, and look more expensive than what they actually are.  Haha ;-)

not anymore

I am aware of Alok's habit that he will not pick things up that fall in his way, or will not keep things back in place - unless he is told.  Which also of course depends on his 'mood'.  So eventually I am the one clearing up stuff kept here and there.

But these days his habit of leaving things around is getting on my nerves.  So I have decided I am NOT going to go around picking things after him.  I am going to leave it wherever he leaves it.  If it does not affect him, I am not going to bother too.

sangeet song ideas for teasing bride and groom

In the last two years I have received the max queries from readers for sangeet song suggestions.

Some ask me to suggest songs for solo performances, or brother-sister songs, or songs to dance with their husband at their brother's or sister's sangeet sandhya - which is easy because Bollywood has produced plenty songs for solo dances, brother-sister relation, and lovey-dovey songs for couples to dance at sangeet program.

But some readers ask quite complicated yet interesting questions, such as
     a) sangeet songs for children as their age group has few options
     b) songs on nanand and bhabhi which are close to nil (here, this is an idea for Bollywood to pen a song for this relation)
     c) songs to dance on a sangeet for radha-krishna theme
     d) a song for a situation where both families have accepted the guy and girl
     e) teasing kind of songs for the bride's side to tease the groom

doing the dishes

That's my husband on the other side, playing game on his phone and watching TV.

This is me on this side, doing the dishes that have piled up in the sink.

And this is the story of my life every day.

sharing links, wednesday

Hello, Hello!  How's your day going on?

Sharing some links here with you.  Enjoy.

50.  I love collecting mugs but I only have one from Indonesia and Thailand, so far.  Some day when I have a vast collection like this one I will create a beautiful separate mug shelf too.

Money Soap Gift Idea

When I first saw this picture on the internet, I thought ...
- is this something photoshopped?
- but what is this?  looks like money inside jelly?
- uh....some kinda prank?
clicking on the picture takes to you the link where this product is sold
This is money soap.  Priced at $11.99 I think it makes a fun gift idea.  Some comments on the site say people have been buying this product since 2008, especially as Christmas stocking stuffer.

cake topper ideas | links for the day

When I looked back at my toothpick and paper toppers on cake, it actually made me realize - may be I should create cake toppers or cupcake toppers and keep them in stock anytime I have to bake and decorate a cake for someone.  It would be so much prettier and better than the paper-and-toothpick cake toppers I make not-so-neatly in a jiffy.

Here are 10 cake topper ideas I have collected for myself from around the internet.  Sharing with you in case they turn out helpful for you some day.  Of all these, I personally am not fond of those triangle banner kind of cake toppers because they have been done to death.  But they could inspire you and me someday for a more creative cake topper.


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1.  sweet, with the addition of hearts on both sides