India Trip, Day 44: tulsi vivah

November 26 (Mon) - Day 44:  tulsi vivah

"Tulsi", the holy basil is worshiped in India and a lot of homes keep a tulsi plant and pour water over the tulsi pot in the morning.  My mom did the same in Bangkok.  She even put a leaf or two of tulsi in the food she offered to God (prasad).  My saasuji keeps a stock of dried tulsi leaves and puts a couple of them in the first meal cooked for the day (lunch) EVERY DAY.

Some days back was Tulsi Vivaah, the Goddess Tulsi's wedding.  I don't remember mom performing this puja, but I guess I may have not paid attention.

puja preparation for Tulsiji ki shaadi
But here in India, looks like a lot of Hindu homes celebrate this fest.  For those who could not worship on the main wedding day, they can do it later in one of these days.  (Tulsi Vivah on wiki if you want to read more).  We performed it today.  It is a very short puja done primarily by women; not a lengthyyyy one like Diwali.
puja items for Tulsi Vivah

Saasuji prepared the puja thaali (plate with all required items for worshiping).  There are ready made puja packets that have all the necessary puja accessories for this festival too (The last ready made puja packet items I saw was on Diwali).

All those tiny accessories for Goddess Tulsi are toooooooo cute!!  The tulsi vivaah puja items I can spot on the plate are 2 small bangles, a small bindi packet, a mangalsutra, sindoor dabbi, comb, kajal, chunri, coconut oil packet, a fake mirror, and what else.....

Okay, I must focus on the puja.  Over and out.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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