India Trip, Day 37: my two sense

November 19 (Mon) - Day 37:  my two sense

Devar called up on nanand's mobile at 4 in the morning, scolding her and asking where she kept some keys to some door.  She went downstairs to show him where.

After 5 minutes I got worried, so got up to go downstairs too.  When I opened the door, devar, nanand, and saasuji were standing on the staircase.  And along with them was Alok, just outside the room, waiting to enter the door to surprise me.

I hugged him sooooo tight and screamed "SEEEEEE!  I KNEW ITTT!!!!!"

He came two days before.  He gave everyone a surprise.  My sixth sense works.

But later in the day I asked Alok how did he change the dates on the itinerary he mailed me?  I know my smartypants has zero idea how to use Photoshop.  He said he just tried whatever ways he could to modify the dates, but forgot to change the 'DAYS', and hoped I would not figure out and ruin his surprise.

I saw the itinerary again.  21 Nov was not on Monday.  My sixth sense may work, but my common sense sure does not.
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