India Trip, Day 36: black magic

November 18 (Sun) - Day 36:  black magic

I am getting freaked out by all the black magic stories I have been hearing.  And it appears Hyderabad is very notorious for it.  I did not believe in all this before, but the examples and stories I heard make me feel like these things happen for real.  And it is scary.
And not just men, even women seem to do a lot of black magic stuff, and I have NO friggin' idea where these people get their knowledge and power from.  And in a country where Hindus are firm believers in God, how come the same people that believe in God would do such ungodly things beats me.  Aren't they scared that God will punish them?  Don't they believe in karma?

Since childhood I was only aware that the lemon and green chilies tied together and spotted on the roads should not, should NEVER be stepped on.  I was told that some evil person may have put some mantra on it and cause problems, so one should avoid stepping on or walking over the lemon and chillies as much as possible.  Sometimes it is difficult to believe things told in childhood, because adults might just make up some stories to shut up an inquisitive child.  Or may be myths pass on without a logical back up.

But Nanand told me there was once a girl, who was completely normal and sane, went outdoors in her periods and passed through some roadside dustbin.  Something affected her so bad, that she became retarded.  A lot of such cases have happened, and now girls or women in their periods who are aware of that particular street and dustbin avoid passing through.  In fact, I was told that females in their periods must carry rai-namak (mustard seeds and salt) wrapped in a small paper with them whenever they go out.  Or carry a tiny, tiny knife along, so that any kind of evil power does not affect them.

I do not understand why people would want to bring someone else down using black magic?  Why is one neighbor jealous of other neighbor's success and would resort to black magic?  Why would one family member want to cause trouble to another one?  What will people achieve by another person's failure?  Why would they steal someone's clothes, a strand of hair, or leave something suspicious when they visit someone's house?

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