India Trip, Day 47: tailor trouble

November 29 (Thu) - Day 47: tailor trouble

Alok and I went for his kurta pyjama trial at a store today, where few days back he had selected a cloth material with his choice of color and pattern, and given his measurements to have them stitch it for him within a week.  He had selected some Indo-Western style that is in trend these days, but it kinda looked weird on him.  They also made it look so bland; not something glamorous one would wear on a sangeet function.  At least looked more bland to me when I compared it to how much it cost.  And the fitting was not that great either.

This is what happens when you leave things for the last minute.  My lecture to Alok made me feel superior.

But I did not tell him that I gave 7 pieces of blouse material of the new sarees I bought to a tailor just recently and I am going to get all of them in a few days from now.  Just close to the wedding period.  That will leave me almost no time for a trial and any adjustments, if at all.  I am a bigger idiot but I cannot afford to tell this to him.
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