My husband is regretting gifting me this iPad few weeks back on my birthday.  As if I was not glued enough to my laptop all day, now the iPad keeps me busy when I have nothing much to do, when I am waiting for something, and while I try to sleep at night.  I know it is not a good habit to use electronic devices just prior to sleeping, and it is not nice to spend time with gadgets instead of some quality time with husband.  But I cannot help it.  After my first marriage to Alok two years back, I married Pinterest last year.  And this year I have realized so late that an iPad is a super handy device.  Has made surfing Pinterest so smooth and easy, and now my first husband just can't help being sidetracked... :-/

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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Last evening after Alok returned from work, until we were about to go sleep, I must have told him about 9 times to lock the door and that I was not going lock it.  He still has not got over his habit of not locking the door.  Or hanging the wet towel near dry clothes.  Or leaving the yoga mat in living room after he's done yoga-ing.  Or having his wires, batteries, and cables lying around.

But each time he argued with me, "you go look carefully, the door is locked".  It appeared to him from far that it was on lock position, but I knew it was not.  And when a woman knows she is right, it is better for the man to not argue.  But he would not listen.

mcdonald's marketing

Guess where Alok saw this McDonald's advertisement on this bus?
SpushtChats | McDonald's Smart Advertising and Marketing


With more and more people talking about quinoa and using in their regular meals, I have been curious what it tastes like and what's so great about it. So Saturday when we went grocery shopping to Costco, after two weeks again (!!), when we walked past the aisle I wanted to get the quinoa packet. Instead of just putting it in the cart and then having to give an explanation to Alok, I used a better method.

instant therapy

I went to an Art of Living session of meditation and yoga along with my friend.  There, they said they have the people introduce themselves as "Hi I'm ____ and one good thing about me is _____".  Honestly, I could not come up with a single one about myself at that very moment.  When we search for jobs, we make sure we tell our strengths, all positive things about ourselves, and sell ourselves well.  We go on to give examples about our leadership, communication, team player, presentation, and other skills.  But in real life, apart from those "skills", how much do we know about ourselves?  How many good qualities about myself do I know?  I realized that we all really should be aware of good things about ourselves.  And why not?  After all, it's all the good things that we are always proud about.  Counting our qualities helps make us feel very positive and builds confidence.  It is instant therapy, in fact.  So here this time, I'll try again and you will join me in this.

Hi, I'm Nisha, and one good thing about me is I like to spread positive energy around.
What about you?

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Q & A: sangeet choreography

Sagarika, a young dancer and choreographer in India, who came across my sangeet song ideas post asked me:
I'm doing a sangeet choreography for the first time and having a little tough time due to my engineering exams! So if you could help me with how to choose songs and on what styles to choreograph, it would be of a really big help ^_^

My response:


Usually when Alok comes shopping with me to any place, I have to explain why I want to buy something. He is faster at saying NO. This also usually depends on his mood - some days he could be really nice and let me purchase whatever I want, some days he could give me a long lecture. Which usually comprises of "why do you need it? I think we have enough already. There is no space to keep anything more in the kitchen. Ask anyone else if they have so much stuff in their kitchen. What if we go to a smaller apartment next time? Where are you going to keep everything? Can we just go from here? It's already been 30 minutes..." Blah blah blah. I didn't say anything to him when he bought so many things that he doesn't even use; at least I shop smart and use whatever I buy for myself or for home. Why are men like this, can someone explain?

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today's dal

Tired of cooking 4 dishes each time for dinner (sabji & roti for me, dal & chawal for Alok) since last 2 years, this year onward I decided to cook only 2 things each dinner and Alok would just have to eat whatever's there. For lunch today I made Palak Paneer and rice.  He wanted roti, so he knead the dough for me to make rotis for him.  He wanted dal, and went ahead to make it on his own.  I just saw him putting about 1 Tbsp of asafoetida in some 1/4 cup of ghee for tadka to put into dal.  Oh goodness, I don't know what's coming next.

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will ignore but will not pick

Ever since Alok organized his closet and his section of the drawer last weekend on Saturday after creating a lot of mess here and there, for some reason he kept this folder and that white thing right in the middle of nowhere.  I did not ask him why, I am not going to tell him to move, and I am not going to move it until he does.  It is day 5 today, and the stuff is still there.  He would walk over it, walk by it, but would not pick it up.  I think it is easy for men to ignore even if something's in the middle of the way.

Or may be I will have to start sticking notes around the apartment again for him to realize?

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simple stuff

This was a neat idea I saw on the candles on a cake Alok brought from a bakery nearby for my birthday few weeks back.  To avoid any waxy stuff from candles getting into the cake, wrap the bottom half of the candles with aluminum foil.  How simple.  And looks fancy too!

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my new blog.  some ramblings, some random musings.  some restaurant reviews, some recommendations.  some interesting stuff, some amazing.  more like a diary.  let's see where this blog starts and where it goes.

20 Feb 2013: started as SpushtDaily
1 March 2013: started sharing diary from the 66 days of my India Trip
1 May 2013: starting sharing posts once or twice a week comprising 7 links that interested me
1 June 2013: changed blog name to SpushtChats
1 August 2013: stopped adding the "links for the day" kind of posts

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