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I have been going to many friends’ baby showers lately.  When I saw people in forums ask suggestions for baby shower games, baby shower decoration ideas, baby shower return gifts, etc, I thought of compiling a post on the game ideas I came across in the baby showers I attended.

1.  Clay Babies
Set aside a table for this activity.  Place small portions of modeling clay or small containers of Play-Doh in various colors on the table.  Invite your guests (good activity for mothers and their kids) to get creative and make clay babies.  The mother-to-be can choose the best and most creative clay baby and give a prize to the winner/s.
Baby Shower Game - Clay Babies
2.  Guess the Baby Items
Place any of these 10 small baby items that you can gather in a bag, such as:

1. bib
6. rattle
11. baby mittens
2. pacifier
7. onesie
12. small sippy cup
3. milk bottle
8. one baby shoe
13. baby shampoo bottle
4. small diaper
9. rubber ducky
14. baby comb or hairbrush
5. teething ring
10. baby powder
15. baby nasal aspirator, etc

To add some confusion place some non-baby items in the bag, example: potato, glue stick, eraser, lipstick, spool of thread, etc!

Give a paper and pen to guests who play this game.  Ask them to place one hand inside the bag for 15-20 seconds and then give them time to write down as many baby items as they could identify.  Collect their papers, check their answers, and the ones who get maximum correct guesses wins a prize.

3.  Guess the Gender
If you have not revealed the gender before your baby shower, or if you plan to reveal at your baby shower, or if you do not plan to reveal at all – this becomes a nice casual fun activity to add as a baby shower game with no prizes involved.  There are few options:
A. stick a blue and pink poster sheet on the wall, keep a few pens or sharpies on the table and ask guests to write their name on what they guess the baby’s gender is.
B. place two glasses (or glass bowls, or vases) on a table, either write BOY – GIRL on each or stick a BOY – GIRL ribbon on it, place blue and pink papers and few pens with it, and ask people to guess the gender (by choosing the blue or pink paper), and writing their message for the parents-to-be.  It is fun for the parents-to-be afterwards to read guests’ messages and to see what their guesses were.

4.  20 Questions
While most of the games are for entertaining guests, I found this game played at one friend’s baby shower quite interesting so the guests can get to learn more about the couple.  Print out 20 questions on two cards and give one each to the parents-to-be along with a pen.  They both have to write their answers to the questions without seeing what each other is writing and without discussing.  Then a friend can read out the questions first, ask the couple what they think the partner answered, read out their actual answers and compare how many of them were similar while the guests can have fun listening to how similar or far apart the answers are.
20 Questions - Game for Parents-to-be
5.  Guess Mom’s Tummy
Some mothers-to-be might not be comfortable with this game, but my friend at whose baby shower this game was played was cool with it.  You can either buy this “How Big is Mama’sBelly” tape or this "WhatSize Is The New Mommy's Tummy?" tape, pass the reel of tape and a pair of scissors around the guests who want to play this game and without them touching the mommy-to-be’s tummy they have to guess the size of her tummy and cut off the section of the tape.  One friend who oversees this game can have one strip cut out beforehand to make it faster to compare.  Closest guess wins.  If you don’t want to buy these plastic tapes, you can use a spool of yarn instead.
Baby Shower Game - Guess Mom's Tummy Size
6.  Drinking Race
Fill up milk (or any juice, or alcohol if allowed at your baby shower party) in baby milk bottles and invite your male guests to drink up from the nipple (they cannot remove the bottle lid!).  Blow a whistle to have them start at the same time.  The first one to go bottoms up wins.  Have plenty of bottles ready.  The friend at whose baby shower this game was played, I was surprised to see almost 15 men playing this game and it was hilarious looking at them trying to drink faster and crack jokes.
Baby Shower Game - Milk Bottle Drinking Race
7.  Diapering the Baby
You need: one life-size toy baby, one diaper, one timer.  Ask the men to put diaper on the toy baby and have someone time it.  The person who takes the least amount of time to correctly put the diaper wins.  It’s fun to watch men do this.  Even more fun if the men are blindfolded!
Baby Shower Game - Diapering the Baby 
8.  Tying the Shoe Lace
Invite men at your party who are wearing shoes with laces to come play this game and arrange that many chairs in a row.  Ask them to untie their shoe laces and give each one a balloon to place under their shirt.  As soon as you say “GO!” or blow a whistle, they have to sit on the chair and tie their shoe laces.  Those whose balloons burst are disqualified, those who tie their laces without balloon bursting win at the end.  Fun to watch.

9.  Baby Trivia
Those who read pregnancy books or go to prenatal classes receive a lot of information on pregnancy, childbirth, and post-delivery.  You can pick facts out of this information and make a multiple choice quiz only for guests who are not expecting and are not a parent.  The game is meant to be played as couples and it is fun to watch the confused couples who don’t have kids discuss and guess what the answer could be.  Instead of printouts of the quiz questions, you can create a PowerPoint presentation with one question per slide and hand out index cards to the couples to write their answers (and their names).  This way, guests who are not playing can also see what the questions are.

10.  Baby Shower Bingo
What is one game that can have everyone pay attention, sit at one place, people of all ages play, take a good amount of time at a large gathering, have everyone involved, and have many prizes given to guests?  Bingo!  If you don’t have time to arrange other games, having Bingo as one major game is your solution and you can give prizes to many winners within one game.  I have designed such Baby Shower Bingo cards with 80 words related to baby and baby products, and over 50 unique bingo cards so that 50 people can easily play at the same time without the same row and column combination.  Click here to get the Baby Shower Bingo Cards for the baby shower and make it a fun event!

11.  Onesie Decoration Station
Assign a table as decoration station, place several fabric markers, cardboards (cut out from carton boxes), and plain white onesies on it.  Paints and paint brushes can get messy, so can glitter and glue – that’s why I like the idea of having Sharpies or permanent colorful fabric markers, keeping it simple.  Each woman who wants to participate gets a onesie to creatively sketch and decorate it.  The cardboards are for placing inside the onesie so that ink doesn’t transfer to the bottom/backside of the cloth.  Mommy-to-be can choose which one she likes the most and the winner gets a prize while mommy-to-be gets to put on the unique onesies (after one wash cycle) on her baby in the future.
Baby Shower Activity - Onesie Decoration ... That's me...

And this is the onesie I decorated..!!.
12.  Curious Father
My friends created this game.  Fathers will be given a printout of questions that they have to fill up and answer questions about their eldest child.  After they hand over their paper, the mother will be asked the questions in order to compare the answers.  The father who gets the maximum correct answers wins.
Baby Shower Game Idea - Questions for Fathers with Kids
13.  Mock Diaper
Give a new roll of toilet paper to the couples who will play this game.  Everyone stands in a circle or a line and when the 5 or 10 minute timer starts the wife has to put the toilet paper like a diaper onto the husband.  Not only should the toilet paper diaper be put tight and “leak-proof” but also something creative done on it (so keep some markers handy).  And then each couple had to do a catwalk so that mommy-to-be could choose a winner.  When my friend explained this game I thought grown up men would not participate because it may be embarrassing, but to my surprise so many husbands of all ages were such good sport!  One wife put her hair clip onto the ‘toilet paper diaper’ like a diaper pin, one person hung her earrings on it.

14.  Guest Baby Pictures
Along with sending your invitation reminder a week before the baby shower, message your guests to bring their childhood photo.  Parents-to-be should bring their baby pic too!  Tape all the guest pictures like a collage onto the wall so that each of them will have a nice conversation starter, guess the other guest’s baby pictures, and probably walk down the memory lane.  If you want to make this activity into a game, number the pictures and distribute papers and pens to guests to guess who is who.  Maximum correct entries wins.

15.  Name the Baby Animal
There are several games for adults, but when kids or teenagers attend a baby shower and get bored – it’s good to have a time filler game for them with no time limit to keep them occupied.  Ages 8 and up can play this simple game of naming the baby animals.  While there are easy ones like ‘cow’, there are difficult ones like ‘antelope’.  Just make sure they don’t Google up the answers.  Maximum correct answers win.  But it’s a good idea to give a small prize to each kid who made an attempt and played this game.  While there are several Name the Baby Animal cards available online that have about 20-30 animals, I created this sheet with 50 animals to keep everyone busy for a while.
Baby Shower Activity - Name the Baby Animal

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Baby Shower Games that I don’t quite like (just my opinion) –

Don’t Say “Baby”
When necklaces, pins, or anything is given equally to all the guests and if anyone says the word “baby” then they have to give up their necklace/pin to the person who catches you saying so.  I don’t like being so cautious when speaking to people, and I don’t like when those who want to win try to get others to say the word ‘baby’.  It’s annoying.

Blindfold Taste Test
Mushy, bland baby food that adults have to eat and guess what the food is – blindfolded or not.  Not fun.

Dirty Diaper
Melted chocolate smeared on diaper and either people have to smell to guess which chocolate it is, or use that diaper to play a game of pass the parcel.  It’s yuck.

My Water Broke
Freezing a small plastic toy baby in water and giving to guests, one whose ice melts the first (or last) wins.  How messy.

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These are all for now until more friends of mine decide to have babies and organize baby showers!  Let me know if you liked any of these ideas.  Suggest me some interesting games you saw or played at baby showers.

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