India Trip, Day 53: marwadi wedding

December 5 (Wed) - Day 53:  marwadi wedding

Different customs take place during the day.  Then as per the mahurat, the baraat leaves from the groom's house to the bride's house.
I have no idea what was happening here.  And why this was happening.  But I was just being a part of it because I was told to.  I am the elder bahu, after all.

But I understood this part.  This is the part where we dance in a group and enjoy.  This is where we go in circles dancing in unison, or we play phugadi (crossing our hands and going round faster than Earth does around its own axis).

Then there was a vinayak function and peethi.  A little boy is made "vinayak" (Lord Ganesh) and sits beside the groom.  [The same function takes place in the same way at the bride's side too.]

And then we all put the peethi on groom's as well as the vinayak's face, shoulder, hand, and feet while some women in the background sing folk songs related to this function.  Peethi is a mixture of turmeric powder with some other things.  It helps bring a beautiful glow to the bride and groom's face.  I would love to put this on myself every day.

Later in the evening was the reception, hosted by the bride's side of the family.  I hated wearing a bor (that thing on my head) that day but I was told being the elder bahu I must wear it.  But honestly, now that I look at myself in the picture I love how pretty it looks.

A family photo on the stage with the new addition to our family - finally, my devrani.  She looks so beautiful, has a very sweet voice, and is very charming.  And the couple looks perfect together, totally made for each other.

While devar and devrani were on the stage for three hours clicking photos with each guest, nanand and I were enjoying the food half the time, and fixing our hair and clothes in the restroom the other half of the time.

It was a grand reception held on a grand scale at a beautiful grand garden with a grand variety of food and grand attire that everyone wore because this is just how grand the marwadi weddings are.

And oh, did I mention it was grand?
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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