three years

Earlier this month on 3rd June…

After searching for good toaster deals past few months when the toaster oven I ordered finally arrived, I suddenly remembered the date and instead of opening the box I thought of making this a gift.

Alok was going to be home in an hour, and with no gift wrapping paper with me I quickly wrapped the carton with the flyers of grocery stores we get in mail.  Scribbled on the white sheets of paper, tore them randomly around the edges, and glued them on top of the carton.  It says:
     For your bagels, breads, and pizzas..
     For my cookies, toasts, and snacks..
     For our 3 years of engagement...

When Alok came home, first I surprised him by wearing a saree (which is a rare thing), then by gifting the box.  After dinner since it was late to go out for dessert, I quickly made the two-minute brownie in a mug and we had a cup of milk with it.

Everything was done so quickly, but I wanted to make it special – even if the date of our engagement does not hold much importance.  The thing is, I am learning that we do not need to reserve or wait for special days.  Making a simple day memorable makes it an everlasting memory too.

Don't you think so? :)
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