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I was helping someone search for baby shower favor ideas (return gifts for guests) and thought of compiling a post on what I found.  Giving return gifts to guests on baby shower may not be a preference for some people, especially after throwing a grand party.  But a token of thanks conveyed with a return gift as a keepsake for the guests is a practice almost everyone follows these days.  If you are looking for a party favor for your/someone else's baby shower, in this post I am listing out few things and ideas I like and do not like.
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I personally do not like the idea of giving chocolates or candies as baby shower party favors; though they are the most popular return gifts.  For example: 1) colored candies (blue or pink, depending on baby gender) in a jar, or 2) coloring/wrapping the Hershey's chocolate bar to show only the HE or SHE portion on it, or 3) customized candy wrappers with "XYZ's Baby Shower" and the date.  I'm also not quite fond of baby milk bottles given to guests, or personalized glasses or mugs printed with "It's a Boy!" along with name and date of the baby shower - simply because what would guests (without kids or with grown up kids) do with the milk bottles, and that I wouldn't want to use glassware with someone's baby shower details etched on it.  To each his own.  But I would prefer a label that can be peeled off the gift or the details printed on another card along with a thank you note.

Keychains and bookmarks are a great return gift idea for birthdays or baby showers on a budget.  Here's a great website that has wonderful baby shower favors like keychains, bookmarks, photo frames, card holders, crystal objects, etc.  If you are looking for party supplies and baby shower decorations, here's another great website.  Considering you want a baby shower return gift within a budget, yet give a nice memento that people can use or add to their home décor, you might like or adapt some of these that I liked for less than $5 -

1) I feel candles and candle holders make a great party favor, be it for birthdays, baby showers, bridal showers, or weddings.  For example the ones below - baby themed candle holder, or the butterfly design glass candle holder, or the pretty teacup tealight holder.

2) Some themed candle holders are so beautifully designed and perfectly match the theme of party.  For example if you are having a fancy beach themed baby shower or beach themed cocktail party for your wedding and want to give some party favors to your guests, these beach themed candle holders or card holders, either individually or paired together would make a great gift for under $5 when ordered in bulk.  Similarly, you can find other favors based on the theme of your party.

3) This beautiful ethnic elephant candle holder and card holder, either individually or paired together, make gorgeous party favors and one that people would love adding to their décor.  Moreover, when ordering in bulk they are quite reasonably priced, quite decent size, and quite pretty.  Perfect as a wedding party favor or even for a baby shower return gift.

4)  The best part about the above party favors is that you can use them as centerpieces or to decorate the tables at your party.  If candles don't interest you, here's another great baby shower party favor idea I found: salt and pepper shakers.  These are pretty decent size and while originally $10 they are currently on sale for less than $2.  What an awesome souvenir this would be when your guests keep them on their dining table and happen to use and look at them every day.  I think this would also make a pretty cool return gift if you are having twins!  A different take on the very common "two peas in a pod".
Apple shaped salt and pepper shakers
And while we're talking about twins, I also liked these solar flowers in blue and pink.  They come in a set, some reviews on the link are negative, but this product is just for you to get an idea.  If you find another deal for such solar powered flowers then giving them to your guests in blue/blue or pink/pink or blue/pink according to baby gender will be pretty nice.
Bee Happy Dancing Solar Flower
5)  This About to Hatch Egg-shaped Timer is perfect as a baby shower favor for a mother who is going to give birth soon.  It is useful as a kitchen timer or a timer when playing games!
About to Hatch Kitchen Egg Timer
6)  Since the baby shower return gifts are given to women, some may like to give something as small and simple as a lip balm (or homemade lip balm!) wrapped with customized message, or pack a mini spa set or pedicure set as baby shower party favors.  Or this beautifully embroidered hand fan would make a nice baby shower return gift too to hang on wall as décor.
Embroidered Hand Fan
7)  If you believe in charm bracelets, good luck favors, laughing buddha statue, etc then this Brass Longevity Turtle looks nice even though small in size and is reasonably priced.  There are other feng shui turtles and different good luck items on Amazon that are close to $10 if you have a higher budget.

Brass Longevity Turtle
8)  Apart from decorative candles, these oil warmers are pretty nice too as return gifts.  Back in my college days I loved aromatherapy related things and used to try different essential oils, putting a few drops of one oil in the water in the above portion of the warmer and candle in the bottom.  I found these oil warmers pretty reasonable.  And the one that comes in a set of 3, you can divide and give them in individual boxes instead, thus dividing the cost.
Earthen Oven Oil Warmer

Porcelain Tulip Oil Warmer

 And if your budget allows you, then you can add a bottle of essential oil aka fragrance oil along with the warmer.

Aromatherapy Essential Oil
Fragrance Oil
Essential Oil Set

And if you still have some leeway, then throw in some tealight candles along with the warmer + fragrance oil and you've got a pretty nice party favor to give to your guests.
Tealight Candles

9)  How about some super adorable cakes, cupcakes, or swiss rolls that are actually made from hand towels?  Their packaging makes them look so real and so delicious!   There are various sellers - check reviews before purchasing; some people say the wash towel or hand towel is so thin or poor quality material that it's good for nothing.  The ones below are few I really liked.  Search for "towel cakes" if you want to see more options.

Towel Cake Swiss Roll-Green Tea

Cupcake Towel Favor

Cake Slice Towel Favor

10)  You can find several home décor party favors, beautiful photo frames, or decorative mirrors under $5 to give to your guests.  If you can get the time to have a photographer click picture of your guests and get them printed out before they leave (or click Polaroid photos), you can add their photo into the photo frame and give the return gift before they leave.  It would be a good memory and a wonderful surprise.  
Tree-Branch Place Card/Photo Holder
11)  If you come across a great deal for a pair of cushion covers, fashion accessories, and so on to gift the women at your baby shower, those will make some wonderful party favors too.  Also, do a google search for acrylic rangoli and see if you'd like to give those to your guests.  The deals I found online are mostly above $20 (I personally wouldn't give this expensive a party favor), but if you have someone coming from India or can have it shipped from there - there are high chances you can get a beautiful acrylic rangoli set for below $5.  There is one I saw on for $2.  Remember to give ample shipping time for your favors to reach before your party!

12)  Also, 1 gram tins of saffon make very elegant and useful gifts.  You can place the saffron tin inside organza party favor bags and add a thank you note! Or place the organza bags inside small gift bags, fill the bag with crepe/tissue paper, attach a thank you note to the bag if you want your party favor to look a little bigger!

13)  There are some very nice flower vases, mugs, glassware, jars, small bottles, candle holders, and serveware in IKEA.  I especially love the milk frother - very useful, reasonably priced, lightweight, and great to give as gifts or as return gifts to any gender! 

One person found pretty ceramic bowls at the Dollar Store and she gave those as party favors.  If you can find something as little or as big for even $1 to give as your baby shower party favor as long as it looks decent, it is useful, or will be memorable to people - you can check that one task out of your list!

What are some unique or some interesting party favors you received?  Share some ideas.

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