India Trip, Day 43: mangodi

November 25 (Sun) - Day 43:  mangodi

I was in Chennai for the first time in life and wanted to stay just a day or two longer to take a break and see around, but Alok just HAD to take this early morning flight to Hyderabad.  He said there was not much to do or visit in this part of Chennai, and he rather spend time with his family in Hyd.  Arrgghhh.  ONE more day's vacation is asking for too much, Alok????  Grrrr.

10 in the morning, we were already back at home in Hyd, afternoon we were practicing our dance routine for the sangeet function, and late at night nanand and I were piping out mangodi.

Mangodi I think is a part of Rajasthani cuisine.  It is usually made during summers, so that the batter piped out in the morning on the plastic sheet, and placed on the terrace in the afternoon, can dry out faster under the sun.  The dried out mangodi is then stored for the whole year to cook into a mangodi sabji or curry.

But we are doing it close to midnight during the winters because mangodi is required for one of the functions during the wedding and there was not enough.  Mangodi is considered to be a sacred start for that particular wedding function ... or something like that.
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  1. Hi, this is such a nice way of making mungodis !

  2. Wow !Nice! My mom also do mangodi. I didnt know that they were famous in south india too,


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