India Trip, Day 54: shaadi

December 6 (Thu) - Day 54:  shaadi

Mahurat for phere was at 2 in the morning, and lasted until 6 am.  The parents of the bride sit together with the bride and groom.  The four of them follow all the procedures and customs the priest tells them to do.

It is after the phere that a couple is officially married in this traditional Hindu wedding.
Since the priest chants everything in Sanskrit, these days priests are asked to explain the meanings of the rituals in Hindi too.  Not that anyone of us ever remembers it.  Ever.

We got back home, caught up with a couple of hours of sleep, and in the morning prepared for the new bride's arrival.

They eat together from the same plate.

They play a game of finding the wedding ring in a tub of milk + water + flowers + dry fruits, they call it jua-jui.

Given three chances, the girl can use both her hands but the guy has to use only one hand to find the ring.  And apparently, even if the husband is about to win, he would intentionally lose for his wife.

And this is probably only the first and the last time this ever happens in a married life.
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