India Trip, Day 4: goodbye, saree

October 17 (Wed) - Day 4:  goodbye, saree

I am allowed to wear salwar suit at home.  Finally.  HURRAY.  Thanks to my nanand who insisted for this to happen.  I hated wearing saree all day.  And the 'pallu' on head used to piss me off.  As a newly married bahu, I had to wear a saree, keep the pallu on my head, put the sindoor on the crown of my hair, a bindi on my forehead, mangalsutra in my neck, bangles on my hand, ring (angoothi) on my finger, anklet (payal) on my feet, and toe rings (bichudi) on second toe of both feet.  Every day.

the first month after marriage...2 years back

Too bad I did not have my nose pierced, because married girls are expected to wear a nose pin too.  But I did all of what was expected from a bahu in the first month after my wedding when I stayed back in India after Alok left for the US.  At least my mom is really proud how I adapted well.

Actually, adorning all this is not a big deal.  Millions of other daughter-in-laws have been doing all these things since a hundred years; I have been seeing my aunts this way in India since childhood and no one ever complains.  But compared to the life I had lived in Bangkok, that sure was a BIG adjustment for me.

Anyway, good bye for now, saree.
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  1. Hi, Nisha, nice reading, will come back to read more, you look that typical Indian daughter-in-law I see in some of the TV serials..

  2. Hi Nisha,
    This one post and two-faced people of Day 6 are more than enough to justify your blog name - Spusht - straightforward.
    Best Regards, Mansi


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