India Trip, Day 46: sangeet practice

November 28 (Wed) - Day 46:  sangeet practice

Oh goodness gracious.  Organizing sangeet practice sessions, that too for the first time, is a pain in the ass.

To coordinate different groups, and different dances, of cousins and relatives at different places in the city, according to everyone's free time, and match to the choreographer's timings ... is NO JOKE.

Nanand and I are handling this and are going crazy.  She is doing most of the work - calling up everyone, scheduling the dances, carrying the laptops and speakers, arranging music system in the room upstairs, and bringing snacks from outside for everyone during the practice sessions.  Upstairs = climbing up and down three floors so many times must have reduced our weight by a kg, at least.

Really, what is the best way to organize a successful sangeet function?  To think of it, there is enough work for the directly related members in the family, so either we could have delegated some part of the work to another person (because there are like more than 60 people altogether in this and the extended family).  OR, we could have made an outline each week with the dance groups, choreographers, and suitable timings for each day, sent out copies to each one participating in the dances, and have them responsible to come for their respective dance practices.

OR, wait a minute, why didn't anyone take the initiative?
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