India Trip, Day 35:

November 17 (Sat) - Day 35:

Cousin sisters-in-law (nanads & bhabhis) and brothers-in-law (jijajis and bhaiyas) planned a post-Diwali get together at the Village restaurant in Inorbit Mall at Hitech City.

Village Restaurant, Inorbit Mall, Hitech City, Hyderabad

In the last decade, of all the restaurants I have visited anywhere, Village Restaurant fascinated me like no other (apart from Rainforest Cafe).  Right from the entrance, I started to feel like I was walking into a completely different city - oops, I mean a village. The ambiance of this "theme restaurant" left me flabbergasted.

It was a very reasonably priced all-you-can-eat restaurant with a wide range of food.  They even had a guy perform the Rajasthani horse dance, a puppet show, and there was LIVE dhol and dandiya.  Along with the kids and the in-laws, I think it was about 25 of us at the Village restaurant and we totally enjoyed the activities while munching on food once in a while.  The taste of food was average, but I would give 6/5 for the ambiance.  And really, the ambiance always takes the experience a level higher.

the view after you enter...

Here is a virtual treat of this restaurant with a village concept... where there are intentional spelling errors, vibrant atmosphere, different setups, and most of the things that a village could possibly have - a circus, an underground well, a train station, a police station ........ what else can you spot?

"muneem ji" (which means "cashier") at the entrance
wall art as you would see in villages

welcome drink...rose sherbat and jal jeera

appetizer, start off with some chaat
those who have lived in India during childhood will be able relate to this
ample seating provided
different setups

spelling errors - intentional and cute

vibrant atmosphere

there is a small bangle shop - choodiyon ki dukaan (not for sale, of course)
ceiling decor...made with vegetable graters!

funny posters and idioms around the place

Rajasthani horse dance

all-you-can-eat buffet with variety of food

a railway station setting
live dhol for people to dance away

"theka" = bar for beverages but alcohol was not sold
a circus setting, how fun!
puppet show, dancing on Bollywood item numbers

fancy a paan after the meal?

... or tea from chotu's chai ki dukaan?
that was not it; some more setups to see

you can wear the police or prisoner uniform and click photo in that jail

the group enjoying dandiya

"cycle wali chai" - tea on bicycle

another interesting ceiling decor, bulbs inside tea kettles, hanging from a bicycle tire

This place was fantastic, I think.  What do you think?  Have YOU been to a "theme restaurant"?
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  1. Wow.. very nice place and the clicks are amazing! Keep it up! I've been to this place recently and the ambiance is perfect for the one's who are unknown to India Village's. But food was very average with Rajasthani dishes like dal-bati-churma.
    BTW, You forgot to mention about the waiters who are also dressed up in Rajasthani attire, to give a perfect feel of Village :) And also there are some people sitting there to put Mehendi on your palms. Amazing!

    A good post Nisha.. Keep going!


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