second birthday surprise for hubby

The first birthday surprise I planned for Alok was a treasure hunt with birthday gifts, two years back.  Last year, I surprised him by inviting our close friends home for dinner.  He had NO idea whatsoever.  I planned a "chaat" menu.  The best part was that my friend who stays just a few units away helped me in shopping and storing things at her place.  So when I started preparing and cooking some dishes a day or two ahead, I passed it on to keep in her refrigerator.  That way, Alok had no idea what was cooking behind his back, literally.

And then, on his birthday...

We all waited for him to come.  He was definitely surprised and overjoyed, and it took a little while to settle in.  All throughout the party he was smiling and the excitement was visible.

The chaat menu for birthday party was:
- pani puri
- papdi chaat
- pav bhaji
- potli samosa
- bhel puri
and there was kulfi for dessert.

I made the pani for pani puri 2 days before the party, the bhaji for pav bhaji 1 day beforehand - and both were sent to my friend's place.  She bought the puri, pav, cake, disposables, balloons, and took care of everything else.
Pani Puri
The best thing about chaat is that a lot of things can be made ahead of time.  The worst thing is - a lot has to be prepared at the last minute otherwise it gets soggy!  I had my friends to help me mix and serve so that was perfect.  To store at home, I made the papdi and froze kulfi 2 days ahead.  The day before I had my yogurt and chutneys ready, fried some green chilies and seasoned with salt (love it!!), and chopped the onion, tomatoes, lemon, cilantro, etc, cling wrapped and refrigerated.

Papdi Chaat
As our friends started enjoying one dish after the other, looking at the quantity and variety of food, they all had the same question in their mind: how did Alok not figure out at all?  The truth is, I'm too good (HA!), tried hard to keep a secret, and too hard to control my smile.  In fact I was making potli samosa the evening before when he was at home, but he did not question why I was making 20 samosas because I am usually making some extra food to refrigerate and enjoy over a few days.

Platter for Pav Bhaji
When I made the cones from a magazine to serve bhelpuri in, right in front of him, he did ask "why are you making this?" and I replied, "I'm going to make some wall decor."  Well, that did not surprise him, considering my history of how I make shoe rack out of milk boxes or wall art with thermocol sheet.

It was a hectic week for me, but the efforts were worth it.  I live to see that smile.  And I wish to add some surprise to his birthday every year, however little it may be.  His birthday is coming again next month and I am running out of ideas.  Haven't planned anything this time.

I guess that will already be a surprise for him.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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  1. omg! you are such an amazing wife!!! so sweet of you to go to the length at making the birthday part a surprise. his smile says it all :)


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