India Trip, Day 26: me first

November 8 (Thu) - Day 26:  me first

one late evening...sitting on
someone's parked scooter, at least...
Nanand and I keep planning to go to the Public Gardens early morning by 5 so she can teach me to ride a two-wheeler (Honda Activa, precisely), but because of talking and discussing things until late and sleeping by 2 in the night every day, it looks impossible!

I really want to be more independent in India and be able to ride a two-wheeler here.  But seeing the bad roads, indisciplined driving, pits here and there, no one following the lanes, narrow streets, and lots of crazy people - forget driving a car or riding a two-wheeler, sometimes I am even scared to walk on my feet on the roads here!

However, I think I might not take very long to learn to drive here.  Because I have understood there is only one driving rule in the driver's manual in India: ME FIRST.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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  1. Rather than this....I say where in the world you get this luxuary of Driving/ riding / walking/Spitting/talking / Staring / ....or for that matter, to live the way u want to.....Its only in India


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