India Trip, Day 9: saree shopping

October 22 (Mon) - Day 9:  saree shopping

Tried out sarees at someone's shop today.  The helpers have learned to drape the saree (over whatever clothes you wear; I had a salwar suit underneath!) real quick for the customers to see how it looks like on them.  The last time I bought sarees for myself was for my wedding over 2 years back.  But buying new clothes for someone else's wedding is even more exciting.  The worst part?  Good sarees to wear at weddings these days are no less than Rs. 5,000 ... that's like $100!  And more designer-wear sarees?  Only above Rs.10,000 ($200).  Looks like reasonable amounts when compared to Express clothes and Louis Vuitton bags, but the prices of sarees these days are increasing like crazy.

What constitutes a good saree to wear at a wedding?  Well, I think ... a great combination of colors, the cloth (how pure material or mixed it is), the print or hand work, the pattern, the embroidery, the lace and the stones, the latest trend, the designer style, a little bling bling, and hmmm, how well worth the money it is.  Since these shop owners are family friends, I have borrowed 3 of the sarees temporarily to show at home, let's see which one gets selected.
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