India Trip, Day 2: different life

October 15 (Mon) - Day 2:  different life

There is so much luggage to unpack and closets to be rearranged in this room that was shut past two years.  Devar and nanand already finished most of the cleaning and fixing to have the room ready for me.  As I replaced the dusty newspapers and organized Alok's clothes today, I started to miss him.  Didn't think about him much when I was in Indonesia and Thailand with family.  But it feels different here.

I guess a bahu just feels incomplete in her sasuraal if the hubby is not around.  Can't wait for him to come next month.

For now, I'm back to the life of waking up early, draping a saree, helping in the kitchen to cook lunch and dinner.  It is different from the life of sleeping and waking up when I want, wearing what I wish, eating what I want, cooking when I wish.  Which is also different from the life of loneliness at home all day in US, whereas being surrounded by people here all day.

Let's get started.

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bahu: daughter-in-law
sasuraal: in-laws' place
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