India Trip, Day 21: mehendi

November 3 (Sat) - Day 21:  mehendi
Didn't have enough time on sinjaara to put mehendi for myself after applying on saasuji's hands, and had time to put mehendi only on the back of my hand yesterday ... so I finally applied my karwa chauth mehendi on my palm today.
mehendi on the back of my hand, yesterday...

I'm happy with the end result.  Two hours of my hard work and patience paid off.  That IS a LOT of patience, yes.
Mehendi on the palm, today...

Had kept telling nanand that I would put mehendi on her hand too, but couldn't get the time all day.  Now it is pretty late in the night and we have to sleep.  Only after I pose a little and we click a few pictures, of course.

I loveeeee applying mehendi, so I'm sure I can stay up longer.  But I will have enough things to disturb my sleep in the morning, and enough things to do to keep me busy all day.  Must go to bed.

Just remembered how once some Thai friends back in high school in Bangkok (over 10 years ago), looking at the henna on my hand, asked me if I had some disease or what?!  Ah, those days...
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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