Dads who "help"

I was having a conversation with someone who said to his wife: "I help so much with the kids. I am so supportive. So many of my colleagues don't even do half of what I do, they don't even change their kid's diaper. May be I should start doing that too - I will leave home for work at 9 in the morning and come back late at night and then let's see how you will handle the kids on your own. May be then you will realize how much I help."

And I wondered: Since when did these dads start to think taking care of their own children was "HELPING" the mother? Since when did fathers start to believe it is only the mother's responsibility to do everything for the kids? Do these dads think they are "helping" the mother raise THEIR child? What were they thinking when they were "helping" the wife conceive the child?

"HELP" is what friends and neighbors would do to take care of your kid. HELP is what you hire to take care of your kid. But if the father is changing his own child's diaper, warming up the milk, feeding, giving his kid a bath, applying body cream and dressing the child up, doing the child's laundry and keeping folded clothes in the closet, or anything--ANYTHING--for his own is not HELP, it is the FATHER'S DUTY just as much as it is the MOTHERS'!

Whether the mother is working at a job outside or working as a stay-at-home mother - a mother works hard.  Just because a wife is a stay-at-home mom it does not mean she is sitting idle all day and does not deserve a break.  Parenthood is a 24x7 job for both the parents, not just for one.  The father does not "help" the mother raise the child - the father does what he is meant to do to raise his child.

So you know what, I just have this to say to the husbands who think they are doing a big favor to their wife by taking care of their child, who think it is the mother's responsibility to handle the kids from dawn to dusk and get exhausted yet keep going, who think they are "helping" instead of doing a regular daddy duty as it's supposed to be: you need a reality check.
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  1. What a beautiful take! I like your views


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