India Trip, Day 27: bride side gifts

November 9 (Fri) - Day 27:  bride side gifts

Bride's side of the family sends a lot of Diwali gifts for the groom's side of the family.  Some clothes, some snacks, some sweets, some fire crackers, some chocolates, some decorative items, some chocolates, etc - that are packed beautifully and placed in an organized manner at the groom's house.  Look at all those gorgeous handmade trays and diyas!

The stuff is sometimes displayed to extended family members and close neighbors.  And of course, some nosy neighbors come by themselves to check what the family received.

Before marriage and after marriage, the bride's side of the family always has to send stuff for the daughter's in-laws.  It is not dowry, though.  But this happens more in some particular communities and some families.  And a LOT in Hyderabad.

What makes it even worse are people (read: women) in some neighborhoods that talk (read: gossip) about "oh, that girl's family sent blah blah blah too", "that girl's parents gifted this this this to the family", "is that all your daughter-in-law's family sent?" and so on.

And this is why, in my opinion, to either save face or to appear superior, the rat race of 'dena-lena' (giving and taking) in some Indian homes still continues.
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