India Trip, Day 29: new car

November 11 (Sun) - Day 29:  new car

Diwali Day # 1.  It is Dhanteras today.

Usually something new is brought into the house on this day, so my devar bought his first car.

After the Dhanteras puja of dhan (money), diya (earthen lamp), and Laxmiji (the Goddess of money) was done, the puja of new car was also done.  It is an extended version of the puja of a previously owned vehicle that was done on Dusshera.

Putting the vermillion (kuku), tying a garland (phool maala), and drawing a swastik on the car, then breaking a coconut on the road and splashing the coconut water over the car,  and then placing four lemons (one in front of each tire) under the car and driving over it is a common thing to do with cars, no matter which day of the year you buy it.

Praying to God to protect the car and ourselves whenever we drive makes sense to me, but honestly, all these procedures don't.  However, I am sure these customs signify something, or else the billion people would not have been doing the same thing over the years...

Or may be they would have.  Who knows.
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