India Trip, Day 12: peeen peeeen

October 25 (Thu) - Day 12:  peeen peeeen

Nanand is driving me around on her two-wheeler, and we are loving wandering aimlessly.  I asked her what do people here mean when they honk, because everyone continuously honks peeeen peeeen peeeeen while on the road.  The honk could mean anything from... move; I am taking a turn; I am right behind you; drive faster dude; to... get out of my way; I am coming for you; or you are going to die.  And may be that is why the peeeen peeeen noise all over the city does not really matter as people have turned a deaf ear to it.  I wonder, if people in Bangkok and America can reach until their destination without honking even once, why can't people in India?

While she rode her two-wheeler back home, I still heard peeeen peeeeeeen, peeen peeeen, peen peeen peeeeen, and some adamant people that still didn't move their vehicle quickly got a peeen-peeeeen-peen-peeeen-peen-peeeen-peeeeen.

Ah, my ears.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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