India Trip, Day 32: govardhan puja

November 14 (Wed) - Day 32:  govardhan puja

Diwali Day # 4.  It is Govardhan Puja today.

Though I don't know much about Indian mythology, festivals, customs and traditions, I do know Lord Krishna lifted the goverdhan parvat (a mountain named goverdhan) on his little finger to bring some sanjeevni booti.  And I assumed today we would be worshiping some rock to signify the 'goverdhan parvat'.  But I was wrong.

Never saw my mom and aunts in Bangkok do anything on this day, because I guess obviously there they cannot easily find the most important element of the puja today: gobar = cow dung.  I had no idea about the rituals today; saw it first time in life.  It was 10 in the morning.  The women in our neighborhood gathered, each bringing their own puja ki thaali.  They created a mountain-shaped structure (to represent the goverdan parvat) out of cow dung, sang some songs for this festival while doing the puja and going around this structure.

I have known that cow is considered a God, and cow dung as well as cow urine (gou mutr) are considered holy in India.  But I really could not get myself to touch the cow dung so worshiped from a distance.  I hope today's festival's God will not mind....
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  1. Its great reading your blog chachi. Especially this india trip diary:)like a short sweet and interestingly penned newspaper colomn :)

  2. Gurl -Lord Krishna did not lift the govardhan parvat to bring sanjeevani buti - that was hanuman ji:)
    Lord Krishna did that to shelter the people from rains - due to the anger of Lord Indra.
    Your blog is awesome - I have been reading your India diaries non-stop:)


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