India Trip, Day 28: groom side gifts

November 10 (Sat) - Day 28:  groom side gifts

Similarly, the groom's side of the family sends clothes, sweets, etc for the honewali-bahu (the soon-to-be-daughter-in-law).  So nanand and I started packing some chocolates, saree, etc for my new devrani to send later in evening.  We had 3 hours in hand, no time to go shopping, and some packing and craft materials leftover from here and there.

The basket we had to place the saree in looked a little dull, so we thought of painting it.  Without a painting brush, we first thought of dipping cotton balls into paint and rubbing over the basket.  But my nanand came up with a faster and smarter idea: when you do not have a paintbrush, use toothbrush to paint the surface.

While the basket dried up, we cut other papers, chose a golden lace to go with the red, and used whatever we could.  To protect the saree from ripping, we placed a paper on the bottom of the basket before placing the saree.

From my observation, many years back when people packed a saree for gifting before/during weddings, it used to be folded simpe but mainly showing the work of palla on top.  But these days, the trend is to pack sarees in different forms and designs, the more creative the packing, the more the wow.  In fact, a lot of people these days in India are specializing in wedding packing and minting damn GOOD money.

And obviously so.  Because Indians spend money on grand weddings like mads.
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