India Trip, Day 8: grabz and creamstone

October 21 (Sun) - Day 8:  grabz and creamstone

Hanging out with nanand and devar today was fun.  We went to Grabz, which lately has become quite popular in Hyderabad for their pizza, garlic bread, pasta, etc.

It is such a tiny fast food place, with just 3 tables and 10 chairs placed out in the open.  People just park their two-wheelers on the roadside to eat here.  And some lazy asses order from their car without getting out, and park their car on the roadside to eat inside their car.  When the car started interrupting the moving traffic, the cops came.  Quite surprising Indian cops have started reacting so fast, hmmm.  Anyway, the way the employee at Grabz handled the cops (so that they don't charge his customers) and his lazy-ass customers in the car (so that they enjoy their meal) was impressive.

Then we went to Creamstone Concepts; dessert time.  I ordered a nutty ice cream as always.  This place has the same concept as Coldstone Creamery of US).

Hope no one saw us cross the road.  As per Indian standards, it would be pretty embarrassing if someone saw a daughter-in-law jaywalk, climb up and jump down the crossing in the middle of the road along with younger devar and nanand.  Like I care...
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