India Trip, Day 18: ice cream loveeeee

October 31 (Wed) - Day 18:  ice cream loveeeee

We are buying a tub of ice cream almost once every other week.  All these Indianish flavors with kesar (saffron), pista (pistachio), and badaam (almond) that I loveeeeeee.  And the butterscotch ice cream in India that I am completely in loveeeeeeee with.  Custard Apple flavor is "in", this season, but I didn't quite like the ice cream form of it as much as I loveeeeed the custard apple shake.

This ice cream and "chaat" hangout place nearby called Temptations is spoiling me big time.  I am especially in loveeeeee with their Dry Fruit Temptation flavor.  Got 1 tub of Lychee and 1 tub of Dry Fruit Temptation ice cream today evening.

Ohhhh, just can't get enough of the ice cream loveeeeeee here.  Slurp.
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