India Trip, Day 3: busy, busy

October 16 (Tue) - Day 3:  busy, busy

Oh my God, where does the time fly away in India?  It's been just 3 days here and already feels like 3 weeks.  I did not even get the chance to come up to my room almost all day ever since I went downstairs in the morning.  Mostly I have been chit-chatting with nanand and saasuji and catching up, but I don't understand how life just gets so busy and tiring here.  But now I know why so many of my married cousins and aunts in India don't get much time to even surf Facebook or come online regularly.  But that is completely opposite to the thousands of food bloggers in India who get time to cook, photograph food, write blog posts everyday, and still have their individual time, and manage their family, social life, travel, and kids.

I am confused.

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  1. Time flying - shouldn't it be 3 minutes? A 3 week feel on the 3rd day means u r bored to death and ain't busy;)


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