Cupcake Bar | Creating a Tiered Cupcake Display

I showcased over 200 cupcakes at an event last weekend.  200 mini cupcakes plus two dozen standard size.  I'm not the kind of person who would have invested in cupcake towers or the tier stands for this number of cupcakes.  So, I made a 'cupcake bar' display for the event, that I can now use at any event, and can keep changing the designs as I wish.  Do you want to know how I made this, and how you can also easily make this cupcake display at home?

First, you need boxes.  I had several cereal boxes and cartons at home (yes, I intentionally save them for the "just in case" situations).  The top one in white was probably a pizza box.  I tried to arrange the boxes to see what kind of display would be possible according to their shapes and sizes.

Then using all the grocery fliers (that I save for multiple purposes) that the stores send unnecessarily every week, I crumpled them all to fill into the boxes so that they have more stability.  Sealed the boxes with tape.

Then I wrapped all of them with white A4 sheets all around (except the bottom portion so that it's easiest for me to figure out how to paint them and to remember how to place them).  It was a pain to cut and glue A4 papers, I wish I had larger sheets, but I make do with whatever I have at home.

After debating with myself how to decorate the boxes, I decided to draw same designs on the sides and different designs on the tiers.  Since I did not have glitter pens and colored pens, I used my shimmer paints to paint on the boxes.  I also decided to use different colors on the tiers and the sides.

Since I'm not very good with freehand painting, I had to make a stencil. The bottom tier is freehand, as you might be able to tell - I will have to cover it with another paper and try something else on it!

Using MS Word clip art, I found an image that I knew I could print and cut easily to create a stencil.  Placed the paper-stencil on the box where I wanted the design, brushed paint over it.

Used a black sharpie to draw the border as it adds depth to the painting.  Similarly, I created a stencil for the paisley and then painted freehand inside with different patterns (so proud. ha. but no one can notice or even tell the difference. lol.).

Now, if you place your cupcakes over the A4 sheet on the boxes, the butter or oil from your cupcakes will make the paper greasy, and either you will have to discard the paper or start process all over again the next time.  Now I would never want to do that.  So, place parchment paper on top of the boxes as per their size, and place your cupcakes on top of them.  Reusable parchment paper, reusable box.

And there you go.  Presenting...the cupcake bar display.

What do you think?  In case you create something similar using this idea, remember to share your picture with me!
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