doing the dishes

That's my husband on the other side, playing game on his phone and watching TV.

This is me on this side, doing the dishes that have piled up in the sink.

And this is the story of my life every day.

I do not ask him to come help me, because I want him to volunteer on his own.  Which he rarely does.  And if he does, we always end up arguing because he wants to do the dishes his way.  Which means, even if he continuously keeps the tap running, even if he does not scrub an obvious spot, even if he does clean the foam and soap properly - I am not supposed to say anything.  That's why I'd rather do this chore too on my own.

But what pisses me off the most is not when I am washing the dishes whereas he is watching funny videos on YouTube and laughing his ass off.  Not when he increases the volume of the TV when washing pots and pans is making noise.  But it is when I am just about to finish - just washing the last utensil, Alok comes, looks at sink, looks at me, and innocently says,
"oh, why didn't you ask me to help?"... OR ...
"oh, did you need any help?"... OR ...
"oh, why are you doing it on your own?"
Why, WHY just when I am almost done?  ALL. THE. TIME.

And it is just then I feel like throwing that last utensil on his head.  Takes so much self-control not to.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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  1. Hahaha! This is the story in every home Nisha :D

  2. Because he is a guy. And that's what they do! Dont blame him, blame god for making them this way!


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