Last evening after Alok returned from work, until we were about to go sleep, I must have told him about 9 times to lock the door and that I was not going lock it.  He still has not got over his habit of not locking the door.  Or hanging the wet towel near dry clothes.  Or leaving the yoga mat in living room after he's done yoga-ing.  Or having his wires, batteries, and cables lying around.

But each time he argued with me, "you go look carefully, the door is locked".  It appeared to him from far that it was on lock position, but I knew it was not.  And when a woman knows she is right, it is better for the man to not argue.  But he would not listen.

So today morning, I came up with this idea, cut out the paper, added some color, and stuck it on the knob.  So now even from far away, even if it is just from the sofa, he can see the lock and the unlock position more clearly.  And he will know exactly what he has to do instead of arguing with me.

It may be easier for me to just remember to lock the door for the rest of my life instead of habituating him.  What's the big deal, right?  But I cannot help my habit of teaching a lesson, either  :)

 Anyone else here needs a lesson?
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