package from mom

Just received this package my mom sent from Thailand!

She lovingly packed so many things so carefully, not leaving an inch of space for air.  All this despite me getting angry at her, because...

(2 months back)
Mom: "What do you want from here?"
Me: "Some Thai pastes may be or anything else you can think of."

(1 month back)
Mom: "What else do you want from here?  I can pack 2-3 kgs of stuff."
Me: "Anything you want to send..."

(15 days back)
Mom: "I have packed some Thai noodles, pastes, some Indian snacks and instant mixes. Do you want anything else?"
Me: "If you are going to ask me the same thing 10 times just don't send anything okay."

Mommies are the best, seriously.  No one else can tolerate our tantrums yet love us the same - the way a mother does!  ♥
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