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I am aware of Alok's habit that he will not pick things up that fall in his way, or will not keep things back in place - unless he is told.  Which also of course depends on his 'mood'.  So eventually I am the one clearing up stuff kept here and there.

But these days his habit of leaving things around is getting on my nerves.  So I have decided I am NOT going to go around picking things after him.  I am going to leave it wherever he leaves it.  If it does not affect him, I am not going to bother too.

If he leaves his towel on the chair in the living room instead of hanging it to dry outside on the patio, so be it.  If he leaves the mango pickle bottle on the coffee table because of watching TV during lunch, I will not keep it back.

If he leaves the chair in the middle of the way after wearing his shoes to go to work in the morning, I am not going to touch it.  If he does not keep his shoes in the shoes closet, I will not either.

And after coming back from work if he keeps his laptop, keys, and mail on the dining table instead of where they are supposed to be, I am going to arrange the dinner on the table just around them, but will not move them an inch.  All the other things that he keeps lying around, whether it is cables, chargers, socks, or any other of his belongings - will stay where they are.

This is how Indian men are - they expect the wife to do everything, especially more if the wife is an unfortunate housewife like me.  But now I will NOT tidy up after him.  Not anymore.  Some men need to be taught a lesson.
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