frugal DIY wall decorating idea for apartment

In the last 2.5 years in the US we have lived in three different apartments and Alok did not let me drill holes in the walls or allow me to hang things on the wall to decorate our small apartment.  The plain, lifeless walls did not matter to him since he was worried he may have to pay for damages to the walls when we'd move out.  Because of that, I could not make my house a home.

Then one day an idea struck me and it looked good so I thought of sharing this easy and inexpensive DIY wall decor idea with those who have a small apartment, or those who move out often, or those looking for frugal ideas to decorate their apartment.
First, using Photoshop I added images and text to a 8x10 file and printed it out on white A4 paper.  I colored it myself since it was a black ink printer at our apartment's business center.
I used to draw, paint, and cut out Disney characters on thermocol sheets when I was young and my mom would stick them to the walls.  Since I had so many thermocol sheets lying around, I cut one to the same size as my printout.  Then I had some purple tissue papers (the ones used to fill a gift bag) so I cut a strip and glued it to the sides of my thermocol sheet.  Then I glued the printout on top of the lined thermocol cutout and I was good to go.
The lifeless wall was brought to life by taping my DIY wall decor with the transparent craft scotch tape that sticks well, removes well, and leaves no marks behind. See the difference before and after?

I am 80% happy with this wall art on a budget - next time I will use a thicker paper since gluing the delicate tissue paper over thermocol does not do a neat job.  Apart from that, this simple and inexpensive wall art costed me zero dollars and that is AWESOME!
"Khao, Piyo, Maze karo" is the literal Hindi version of the popular "Eat, Drink, Be Merry" in English.  I chose to make this as my wall decor since it was SO apt for someone like me who is a big time foodie and enjoys life to the core! :-)

Here's wishing you to khao, piyo, maze karo too! ;-)

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UPDATE [ 27 July 2013]
New post: DIY wall decor idea - how to make a fake photo canvas for $0

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  1. Awesomeness already implemented in my bedroom! :) Idea, of course taken from here :) Same drilling problem in a rented house :p


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