Keep Calm Twins Pregnancy Announcement | Maternity Photo Shoot Idea

I designed these fun CAN'T KEEP CALM printable poster art and it's perfect for soon-to-be daddy and mommy of twins for maternity photo shoot or to print on t-shirt! 

Suggested uses:

- Print on cardstock paper, tape a popsicle stick at the back to hold it and send your fun photo as pregnancy announcements for friends and family.

- Resize as per your choice and print on cardstock to use as a prop for twins maternity photo shoot.

- Frame and hang on the wall on the day of baby shower (especially if you have a KEEP CALM theme party).

- Get it printed on balloons, on t-shirts, etc to use as photo shoot prop or at baby shower or give as gifts for soon-to-be parents of TWINS!

You can get them from here: I Can't Keep Calm We're Having Twins!

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