pinterest panic

Addiction is not a good thing, they said.  And it is true.

One day suddenly the Pinterest website started acting strange on my computer.  I panicked and sent the Pinterest Support an email:

Spusht Nisha
May 01 11:42 (PDT)
- pins are not loading
- cannot even click on the pins
- cannot pin from any site either
- the gray links on left hand side are there the whole time
- clicking on any link does not open the new page
- so i have to type it out in address bar and press enter
- but still cannot see, click, like, or repin pins ... same cycle
- experiencing this since yesterday 30 April 2013
- happening on Firefox + Chrome
- very strange and frustrating, please help
- addicted to pinterest, need help asap
thank you,

In fact, Pinterest was not working even on Internet Explorer (whoever uses this anymore!?).  I even performed System Restore on my computer.  I deleted the browser history, temporary internet files, caches, and cookies.  I tried everything I could for those TWO days because I had not received any reply from Pinterest Support.

Then one of the comments on Pinterest's FB Page by Re Becca's SOLVED the problem.  She faced the exact issue and suggested the fix and it worked: uninstalling SENDORI from Control Panel.  You must have seen some hyperlinks on certain blogs directing to etc.  This SENDORI application installs itself automatically in the Control Panel and needs to be kicked out.

Pinterest is up and running on my computer again.  Hale and hearty like before.

Addiction is not a good thing, they said.  And it is true.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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