toothpick and paper on cake

Last year one day a friend called me up to come along for a casual lunch to celebrate an Aunt's 60th birthday.  I had two hours on hand.  I wondered if I should cook something, but chose to bake an eggless vanilla cake real quick.  With no time for frosting, I just printed out a "Happy Birthday Aunty!" in a hurry, stuck the paper on a toothpick with tape, and inserted it into the cake when I reached there.
8 August 2012

I did the same thing few weeks back for a newly married couple, when I baked a layered caked and frosted it quickly with only three hours on hand.  My friends put the chocolate powder and chocolate shavings on top instead of plain white cake while I made that quick cake topper within five minutes.
12 May 2013

Although this toothpick-and-paper cake topper has been saving the day, honestly I am not even confident about creatively decorating the cake - writing in a neat handwriting, making colorful buttercream rose flowers and leaves, handling the piping bag ... I am scared.  May be I should try on a dummy cake some day.

We should face our fears and overcome them, right?  Things may probably not be as difficult as they seem.
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