this kheer incident.

Vermicelli Pudding Sevai ki Kheer

This incident happened few months back.
This is sevai ki kheer.
This was supposed to be cooked for 30 people at a pot luck on some festival at someone's house.
This kheer though turned out to serve almost 60 people.
This was because of my wrong calculations of the recipe despite having made it several times.
This is because vermicelli looks very little when roasting and I did not want to end up taking small amount of kheer.
This vermicelli and kheer, however, triples or quadruples after the addition of milk and mine kept overflowing.
This is similar to the story of Lord Ganesh when a poor woman makes rice kheer for Lord Ganesh but chants his name and eats the kheer before offering him after waiting for him for a long time, and magically the kheer quantity becomes unlimited and starts overflowing, making the poor woman distribute kheer to people in the village and having the king's family question her poverty.
This was not the first time I ended up making something twice the quantity than number of people.
This happened many years back too when I had to make tea for one but I made almost for ten.
This then became a joke and I was always told to make something for just for two, not for the entire town.
This kheer, however, taught me a lesson to use proportions wisely when cooking for a party instead of cooking excess and wasting food.
This is also no guarantee that I will remember the lesson and not make the mistake again.
This incident happened few months back.
This was just sevai ki kheer.
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  1. Interesting incident. But dont worry this happens to master chef also :-) Lol...


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